Wipers are used by workers in virtually every department of every industrial facility throughout the world everyday. Industries that are heavy users of wipers include: manufacturing, food processing, printing and automotive. Common uses for wipers include: cleaning tools and surfaces; wiping up small spills; preparing surfaces for painting, staining, or painting; personal wiping such as drying hands or faces.

Paper wipers are the most economical type of industrial disposable wiper.


Industrial Wiping cloths

  1. White and Coloured Rags

  2. Mixed (Corduroy, Denim)

  3. T-Shirt

  4. Fleece

  5. Flannel

  6. Terry

  7. Sheeting

  8. Painters Rags

Products to help you maintain a healthy, clean and safe environment. Sanitizing, cleaning, washing, absorbing, collecting and storing are what we do. 

We carry paper products, cleaning supplies, janitorial equipment, odour control and much more.

Let us help you maintain the comfort and safety of your workplace.

Janitorial SuppliesJanitorial_Supplies.html
  1. Bathroom Tissue

  2. Industrial Paper Towels

  3. Kitchen Towels

  4. Facial Tissue

  5. Garbage Bags

  6. Towel/Tissue Dispensers

  7. Soap Dispensers

  8. Feminine Hygiene Products

  9. Mops, Brooms & Accessories

  10. Hand Soap

  11. Chemical Products

  12. Receptacles

  13. Odour Control

Under ConstructionSafety_Supplies.html
Safety suppliesSafety_Supplies.html
  1. Cotton Work Gloves

  2. String Knit Gloves

  3. Leather Palm Gloves

  4. Split Leather Fitter Gloves

  5. Neoprene Gloves

  6. Disposable Gloves (Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile)

  7. Protective Eyewear

  8. Hearing Protection

  9. Dust Masks

  10. Respirators

  11. Protective sleeves

  12. First Aid Products

Under Construction

packaging supplies

  1. Stretch Wrap Film

  2. Protective Packaging

  3. Poly Bags

  4. Packaging Tape

  5. Masking Tape

  6. Gummed Paper Tape

Disposable wiping cloth wiping rags can’t be beat for their absorbency, durability, versatility and low price. They are made from 100 % recyclable material.

There are literally hundreds of different types and styles of wiping cloth. Many times we have found people using products that don’t fit their needs and can save time and money by selecting different wipers. 

Please review our extensive list of wiping cloth and always feel free to call us for free wiper consultation.Non_Woven_Wipers.html
Non-woven wipersNon_Woven_Wipers.html
  1. Airlaid Wipers

  2. Cheesecloth

  3. Staining Pads

  4. Shop Towels

  5. Microfiber

  6. Lint free tubes

  7. Spunlace wipers

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